Here's my design for Finnish maternity package 2020 edition for Kela
The illustration is called Mustikkamaito (Bilberry Milk)  it's inspired by the Finnish berries and nature from my childhood. It has a bunny and a squirrel on the lid. The sides are filled with joyful bilberries, lingonberries and northern Labrador tea flowers.
My illustration was one of the three winners  in a competition which Kela organised in 2017 for young designers and illustrators. 
The theme of the competition was Working together for wellbeing.

The Finnish maternity package contains baby clothes as well as care products and materials.
The maternity package is not commercially available. It is available solely as a benefit offered under the Finnish social security system. -Kela

Video © Kela

Photo © Kela/Veikko Somerpuro

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