Minä olen Sykkyrämyyrä! (I'm a Kinkmole!) is my first children's book as an author.  
The story is about the small ones, finding yourself and friendship.

“Oh, oh. I’m just wondering who I am. I’m so shy and afraid even though I’d like to be brave.”
Little Sykkyrämyyrä sits by the creek and is undergoing a minor existential crisis. 
There’s no time to swell in thoughts though, because its shoes gets stolen straight from feet! 
The lost shoes starts an adventure, which takes the reader to meet tiniest Tirulirus and a giant Caterpillar. 
Can the little Sykkyrämyyrä help the trapped Caterpillar, before the cold autumn winds arrive? 

Honorable Mention in 3x3 Professional Show No.16
Merit Award in iJungle Illustrations Awards 2019