Mural painting  and acoustic canvas boards made for new primary school building in Onttola, Kontiolahti, North Karelia.

This is a very special case for me as I used to go to school there as a child. The theme in the mural - the fireweeds and elephant hawk moths - are inspired by my childhood walks to the school and back when I tried to find as many elephant hawk moth caterpillars as possible.

Acoustic canvas boards to the Onttola elementary school are placed along the school hallway. 
Illustrated boards work as a prequel to the mural.  These boards represent the walk I travelled from home to school in the Kinkmole world. The moths are helping little Kinkmole and other creatures to carry the fireweed across the canal in the evening light. After the hard work it's time for the flower party in the moonlight as illustrated in the mural.