Surullinen Luru (Sad Luru) is my second children's book and independent sequel for Minä olen Sykkyrämyyrä! (I am a Kinkmole! 2018). 
I am super happy that this book came to exist. Personally this book is a way to express all the worry and love I -as a mother- have felt after having my children. The little sadness in the book is connected to the spring also. Even though it's the season of growth and rebirth for me it's always been melancholic period, time of hard and sad visions. 

In the book mysterious pink fog arrives to nearby meadow in spring. Kinkmole and its friend Kärkäskäs head out to explore it,but after Kärkäskäs disappears in it Kinkmole gets scared. Luckily Caterpillar from the first book has hatched from its cocoon and arrives flying as a beautiful Moth and agrees to help. Together they dive into the pink fog to look after Kärkäskäs. But there is someone else in the fog too! Luru, the little bird like creature that signs the pink clouds into the sunset has dropped her babies. The golden egg holding her babies is now on the ground and Luru can't get it back up by herself. Moth, Kinkmole and Kärkäskäs agree to help her and so Luru can sail away with her children to the sunset.

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