I illustrated the fencing around the Tuultenristi (Cross of the Winds) construction site in Tapiola, Espoo. 
The artwork is visually bringing out the character of three different kind of winds: West, South and East. 
West is the joyful blue one inspired by the sea, sailing and common terns.
South is a warm, relaxed red wind filled with butterflies, meadows and summer hats.
East is an old mythical green wind, filled with folklore and whispers from the forested hills. 
The artwork is a collaboration between YIT and EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art. After the fencing is dismantled, the work of art will be accessioned to EMMA’s collections. Some of the motifs will be placed on display in the entrance halls of the new residential buildings.
All the photos taken from the fence are © Paula Virta / EMMA