I had the pleasure to illustrate two different designs for Finnish dairy company Valios "Cultivate Good" campaign.
After use you can cut the empty carton and use the illustrated base to grow herbs or your miniature jungle. 
My designs were called "Laidunkukat" (Pasture Blossom) and "Kasvutarha" (Garden of Growth).

My inspiration for these two designs came from my memories of the childhood fields, flowers and all the weird little bugs buzzing around. Also the idea of growing your own little herb garden in these tiny little boxes made me paint the lushes floral print used also in the tray and kitchen towel.

There were seven design altogether from five Finnish illustrators: Satu Kettunen, Sofia Pusa, Mikko Saarainen, Sami Viljanto and myself.
Illustration Agency: Napa Arts & Licensing
AD Agency: Bob the Robot

You can read more about the campaign here (in Finnish).